Online shopping portals are a super easy way to earn tons of bonus cash back and travel rewards when you shop online:

Online shopping portals help you earn bonus rewards for online purchases that you’re already making.

Most airlines, credit card issuers, and loyalty programs have their own shopping portals along with various cash back programs like Rakuten.

The bonus rewards through shopping portals are in addition to whatever you would already earn from your typical credit card spend.

If you do any online shopping, then you can easily earn all kinds of extra cash back, airline miles, hotel, or credit card points with the programs you care about. Utilizing shopping portals is one of the best ways to drastically improve what you get back from your purchases. Nobody likes leaving money on the table and savings opportunities are more important than ever in today’s high-priced world.

The good news is leveraging the power of shopping portals is incredibly easy! You don’t have to change how or where you shop and all it takes is an extra click to activate bonus rewards which can sometimes be as high as 10-20x per dollar you spend.

How do shopping portals work?

Shopping portals are websites that offer you extra rewards and savings just for shopping through them. Most portals have thousands of merchants with specific bonus rates for each merchant. Once you click the link for the store you want to shop at, you’re sent right to that store’s site but with the bonus rewards activated. It’s literally as easy as the click of a button!

Below are some of the most popular shopping portals:

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Shopping

American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping

Delta SkyMiles Shopping

Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping

United Airlines MileagePlus Shopping

Rakuten (you can earn cash back or Amex Membership Rewards points)

Others are specific to credit card holders, with Chase being the most popular.

The Sad Truth: People miss out on portal deals all the time.One of the biggest reasons people miss out on shopping portal deals is that they forget to look. We’re all busy and it’s not always top of mind to check each portal before you start shopping. Not to mention keeping up can be a challenge since deals in these portals change all the time, sometimes daily. For example, in the Delta SkyMiles portal, a recent deal for Backcountry went from 4.5 miles per dollar on June 14th up to 10 miles per dollar a day later and then right back down the following day.

The Good News: Kiwii is here to make it easyWe created Kiwii Boost so you can shop confidently without worrying about missing out on any deals. It aggregates all the major shopping portals so you can quickly and easily see which portals have the best deals for the sites where you’re shopping. Since it’s built right into the Kiwii extension, you can shop like normal and never miss out on extra rewards. It will pop up as soon as you get to a site with shopping portal deals that you can activate right out of the extension. So, no more excuses!

And just in case you like doing your homework ahead of time, you can use the Kiwii Boost shopping portal aggregator on our site to look up which stores are offering the best deals that day, as well as historical charts that show you how those deals change over time. This can make a huge difference when you’re trying to time a big purchase.

Bottom line: Shopping portals are an awesome way to earn tons of extra rewards when you make purchases you were going to make anyway. We hope you’ll learn to love shopping portals as much as we do!