How To: A Guide to Using Online Shopping Portals

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of shopping portals, it can be a little overwhelming at first. However, shopping portals are actually an easy way to earn extra rewards, discounts, and travel perks.

So, what is a shopping portal?

Think of a shopping portal as a doorway through which you can access all of your favorite online retailers but with extra rewards and perks. 

Let’s say you want to earn more miles with American Airlines. All you have to do is shop online through the American Airlines AAdvantage portal, and you will automatically earn extra miles on qualifying purchases.

How do I access the shopping portal I want?

It’s easy to select the shopping portal you want to use with Kiwii Boost.

With Kiwii Boost, you can select the shopping portal you want to use, such as American Airlines, SkyMiles, Chase Freedom, and more. Then, once you’ve selected your shopping portal, you’ll be able to shop from thousands of online retailers and earn points, rewards, and miles with each purchase.

Shopping portals are great for everything from large one time purchases to everyday shopping with rewards available on everything from Under Armour and Nike to Pandora Jewelry and much, much more. Point values and miles are also higher through shopping portals with some earning up to 20x miles per dollar spent. With rewards like that, you could easily earn over a thousand points on a single purchase! 

Maximize Your Rewards with Kiwii

Earning rewards like cashback, points, and airline miles on purchases can save you hundreds, allowing you to travel farther faster. Make sure you’re getting the most rewards out of all of your purchases with the Kiwii Chrome extension. 

Kiwii is a free tool that ensures you get the most rewards out of each online purchase. It doesn’t require any personal information, either; all you do is select the credit card types you use and then shop online like normal. At checkout, it will recommend the best card to use to maximize your rewards. It’s that easy! Download it for free today.

This article was written by Chloe Allen in association with Nouvel Age Media.