Multiply Your Rewards With Shopping Portals

Many of the major airlines and credit card companies offer their customers the opportunity to earn bonus airline miles or credit card points by shopping through their associated online shopping portals. They typically have hundreds of retailers on each portal with earnings rates as high as 10x or more that frequently fluctuate. It’s easily one of the best ways to leverage your online purchases to generate significantly more points or miles for yourself with just an extra click or two. We’ll give you a quick overview of how shopping portals work and how easy it is to stack your rewards when you shop online (especially if you’re using Kiwii!).

To give you a quick example, let’s say you’re looking for some new Nike shoes and you’re using a Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority credit card that normally earns you 1x miles on most purchases.

Cost: $120 (plus $25 in taxes and shipping)

Earn rate directly through
$145 x 1 = 145 Rapid Rewards points

But instead, when you got to, Kiwii let you know that you could earn an additional 3x points through the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal. You click the link, end up right back at (but with the deal activated!) and buy your shoes.

New earn rate:
$145 x 1 = 145 Rapid Rewards points
$120 x 3 = 360 Rapid Rewards points

Total earned: 505 Rapid Rewards points

If you hadn’t gone through the portal, you would’ve missed out on the extra 360 Rapid Rewards points and spent exactly the same on the exact same shoes. You don’t even need a Southwest credit card to take advantage of the portal either. You could substitute any card and still earn the extra 360 Rapid Rewards points on top of whatever the actual card you used would earn by itself.

You might be thinking that an extra 360 Rapid Rewards points might not sound like a lot, but do this throughout the year on all of your purchases and that adds up quickly. That’s a lot of extra free flights!

We Don’t Think Portals get the Attention they Deserve

And we’re trying to fix that. We think that everyone should be using them all the time. They’re free, easy and exponentially increase the amount of rewards you can earn for buying the same things you’d be buying anyway. But it’s easy to forget to check a portal before you hop online and shop. Or you’re in a hurry and it’s just quicker to go straight to a site and buy what you need.

We get that…which is why we made it as simple as possible to take advantage of shopping portals with Kiwii. We’ve aggregated all of the major portals and built that functionality into Kiwii so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any shopping portal deals again. Look out for our next post to show you how the Kiwii extension and our new tool, Kiwii Boost, can help you leverage the power of shopping portals for your online purchases!