Our Mid-Year “MVAP”

The sun is shining, summertime is in full swing and just like that, the year is half-way over already. We know it’s hard to believe, but it’s also an exciting time because it’s time to take a look back and see who gets to hold the the illustrious title of “MVAP” for the first half of the year, otherwise known as the “Most Valuable Airline Portal”!

This is a “big deal” and should not be taken lightly. We ran a lot of fancy calculations to come to this conclusion. So without further ado, our first half MVAP for 2023 is…


American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping!

The American Airlines shopping portal has an average earn rate of 3 miles per dollar across thousands of merchants, while most other airline shopping portals average around 2 miles per dollar spent. At their current value of 1.4 cents per AA mile, that’s an average savings of 4.20% for simply clicking an extra button. And remember, extra miles you earn through shopping portals are on top of what your credit cards already earn, so that’s extra savings and easy money!

Some categories are absolute no-brainers too.

Typically some of the highest rewards in the AA portal (as well as the other airline portals) are in categories like computer software (think VPNs, password storage, and antivirus), subscription services, and flowers!

For example…ProFlowers averages about 10 miles per dollar and has gotten as high as 15 miles per dollar! That means $100 on flowers could add 1,500 AA miles to your account. Right there you’re already well on your way to a free flight! And we all know flying isn’t cheap these days…

So if you’re in the market for anything within these categories, check out our shopping portal tool, Kiwii Boost, before you shop. You can also download the Kiwii browser extension which will give you live prompts as you shop to let you know about any deals so you don’t miss out. Some of these stores can get you over 25 miles per dollar spent, or 35% back!

Nobody likes leaving money (or miles) on the table so happy shopping!