Our Story

We started Kiwii because we felt like there had to be a better way when it comes to understanding the rewards you can earn from the credit cards in your wallet.  Different cards are good for different things and it gets exhausting trying to keep track of when and where to use one card versus another. There are lots of great resources out there to help you navigate points, rewards and which cards are best (check out our friends at 10xTravel and MileValue), but we wanted to take a little bit of a different approach.

That’s why Kiwii was born.  We set out to create an actual tool to help people get the most out of the credit cards in their wallets without having to think twice about it.  Earning credit card rewards shouldn’t have to feel like a full time job.  So with Kiwii, you can shop online and be sure that when it’s time to check out, you’ll know which card is best to use to maximize your rewards.  

“Sounds great, but why should I care?”

Our mission at Kiwii is to simplify credit card rewards so that they’re easy and accessible for everyone, not just the frequent fliers or big spenders.  Every time you buy something is an opportunity to generate value for yourself with your credit cards.  Card issuers have gotten more and more creative in how they offer benefits to customers and that’s a good thing.  Points aren’t just for traveling anymore (although that’s usually the best way to use them – a topic for another day).  But what’s most important here is regardless of what type of card(s) you use, whether they’re travel cards, cashback rewards, loyalty cards, etc., we just want you to make sure you’re getting the most out of them. 

Think of credit card rewards like a form of currency.  There’s a tangible value to your points and, although that value can fluctuate, you should want as many of them as you can get.  Leaving points on the table is essentially no different than leaving cash on the table (and no one wants to do that).  Because at the end of the day, those points and rewards are valuable regardless of how you end up using them.  

“Yeah but it’s too much work keeping track of that stuff, so I just pick a card when I check out.”

[Insert facepalming emoji]…we can all do better than that.  Different cards earn differently at different places, but don’t worry. That’s where we’ve got you covered.  We track over 70 cards and cross that against thousands of websites that we painstakingly categorized down to their merchant category codes (more on that later).  Then we combine that data with the current valuations from all of the different points and miles programs to give you an unbiased return rate for your cards when you shop.  Long story short, we’ll tell you which card is best to use before you pay so you don’t have to worry about having FOMO when you checkout.  

We took it even one step further and included all of the major card and airline shopping portals too.  That means if there’s an opportunity to earn bonus rewards that you might not have known about, we’ll let you know so you don’t miss out.  Shopping portals don’t always get the attention they deserve, but they’re easily one of the best ways to earn rewards when you shop online and you’re missing out on serious rewards if you’re not paying attention to them.  The awesome thing about shopping portals is that they earn you points or miles in addition to what your cards already get you.  We’ll dive into more detail on these later, but check out our shopping portal aggregator tool, Kiwii Boost, to get a feel for what type of deals are out there.

Now that you have a little background about our story, we hope you’ll check us out and feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.  We love to hear from our users and are always looking for ways to improve the experience for the Kiwii community.