Our Top 5 Stores To Watch This July 4th

As we all look forward to celebrating America’s birthday with family and friends, we decided to take a look back at our shopping portal database to see if there were any stores that really upped the ante for Independence Day rewards last year. We all know holidays can be a great time for shopping deals, but they’re also prime time to earn bonus points or miles through shopping portal offers. And don’t forget, shopping portal bonus rewards are in addition to whatever your credit card already earns so fireworks all around!

Since we love data so much, we sifted through A LOT of it to come up with our July 4th watchlist. These are stores we handpicked that significantly boosted their bonus miles or rewards for the 4th last year and, therefore, could be good candidates for similar bonuses this year. So get your sparklers ready!

Now we can’t guarantee any future offers (we unfortunately don’t have Marty McFly’s almanac), but at least some names to look out for as we get closer to Independence Day. So let’s get to it.

1) Adidas

Our favorite July 4th deal last year was at Adidas through the United MileagePlus shopping portal at a whopping 12 miles per dollar. This quadrupled from 3 miles per dollar and well above the average of 4 miles per dollar that you typically can get at Adidas through United during the year.

Alaska and Delta weren’t anything to sneeze at either with the Alaska Mileage Plan portal at 10 miles per dollar spent and the Delta SkyMiles Shopping portal at 8 miles per dollar spent.

2) Bloomingdale’s

An American institution for America’s birthday. Bloomingdale’s is not often near the top of the list for shopping portal deals, so when some portals quadrupled their bonuses last year, it definitely caught our eye. The Alaska Mileage Plan and United Mileage Plus portals increased their bonuses at Bloomingdale’s from 2 miles per dollar all the way up to 8 miles per dollar.

Chase and Delta also made the chart, albeit in less glamorous fashion. Nonetheless, luxurious deals for a merchant that typically stays true to its exclusive roots.

3) Under Armour

One of our portal favorites, Under Armour is always one to watch out for. It is definitely one of the more volatile names out there in terms of its shopping portal bonuses. Its chart looks like a stock you might study in Econ 101, but they never seem to miss out on a chance to party.

Quite a few portals boosted their bonuses well above their typical averages last year including Alaska, American Airlines, Delta and United. Don’t forget Chase either, which hit its high for the year at 8 points per dollar through the Ultimate Rewards portal.

4) Macy’s

Another fine American institution, Macy’s saw some great portal deals for the 4th last year too. The Delta SkyMiles Shopping portal being the most notable, where you could earn 8 miles per dollar spent, all the way up from 1.5 miles per dollar prior to the 4th! With Delta SkyMiles offering some of the most highly coveted value out there, this was an awesome chance to stock up on some serious miles. For example, at 8 miles per dollar, that’s equivalent to about 10% back at current valuations!

5) Lululemon

As any “Luluhead” knows, deals are few and far between at the popular athleisure brand. The story goes the same for shopping portal deals too, which is why they made our list to watch out for. Last year, the United MileagePlus shopping portal boosted their bonus deal at Lululemon to 8 miles per dollar, all the way up from 1 mile per dollar. Don’t miss this one since you may only see this once or twice a year based on our data.

If you prefer Chase or American Airlines rewards, they also both doubled their Lululemon shopping portal bonuses from 2x to 4x for the 4th last year.

These are just some names to look out for in the coming days, but history shows that there will be plenty of fireworks on the 4th so keep an eye out for other deals too! And don’t forget you can always check out Kiwii Boost to see historical charts and compare all of your favorite sites!