The Basics

Kiwii is a free browser extension that helps you maximize your credit card rewards when you shop online. Anytime you get ready to checkout, Kiwii will automatically pop up to let you know which of your credit cards is best to use on that particular site. It also alerts you anytime you get to a site that has bonus rewards available through any of the relevant airline or credit card shopping portals to help you boost your rewards.

Get to Know the Kiwii Browser Extension

For the uninitiated, browser extensions are essentially tools you can add to your web browser to personalize or enhance its functionality. Some of the more popular ones include productivity hacks, translators, and coupon finders (think Honey or CapitalOne Shopping). The great thing about Kiwii is that after a few quick clicks, your work is done. Once you’ve added Kiwii, you can go about your business shopping online and never have to worry again about what card is best to use or that you’re missing out on any rewards.

How to Get Started

Three simple steps and you’re all set.

Step 1: Download from the Google Chrome Store (more browsers are coming soon!)

Step 2: Select your Cards – don’t worry, no personal info needed. Just click the images of your cards to add them to your Kiwii wallet.

Step 3: Get back to Shopping – Kiwii will pop up whenever you get to checkout and let you know which card is best to use on that site.

Pro Tips to Get the Most out of Kiwii

Pin Kiwii to your Browser

To get the most out of Kiwii, make sure to pin it to your browser once you’ve downloaded. To pin it, click on the puzzle icon at the top right of your browser to open up your extensions menu. Next to Kiwii, just click the thumbtack icon to pin it. All set!

Look out for the Blue Dollar

Once you have Kiwii pinned to your browser, make sure to keep an eye out for the blue dollar icon. The blue dollar lets you know Kiwii has you covered on that site. If you don’t see a blue dollar, let us know! We’re always adding new sites.

Use Kiwii to Optimize your Wallet

With so many cards out there, Kiwii can also be a great tool to help you narrow down what cards might make sense in your wallet based on your shopping habits.

If there are other cards you might be considering applying for, throw them in your Kiwii wallet first and see how they compare to your current cards when you’re shopping online. This is a great way to test out cards and see how they’d actually work for you before you go through the process of applying.

And if you find a new card you’re ready to add to your actual wallet, check out our Cards page to learn more about what current card offers are available.

Advertiser Disclosure
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Take Advantage of Shopping Portals

Airline and credit card shopping portals are one of the best ways to maximize your rewards when you shop online. Shopping portals can offer bonus rewards as high as 20x on top of what your cards already earn for shopping on the same sites. We’ve made it as easy as it gets since all of the major airline and credit card shopping portals are built into Kiwii.

We’ll automatically alert you as soon as you get to a site that has a portal deal so you don’t have to worry about missing out. This is the best kind of popup since you’re about to rack up extra rewards!

Just click through the link on the popup to access the associated shopping portal deal and then continue shopping to earn extra rewards in addition to what your cards already earn. Win/win!

Side note: For now, you’ll need to add associated airline credit cards to your wallet to be alerted of any associated portal deals. We’ll have airline programs as another wallet option soon though!

And don’t forget to check out Kiwii Boost! It’s a separate shopping portal tool that puts all of the shopping portals at your fingertips with the ability to search by portal and category.

Last, but not least, let us know what you think! We’re always looking for ways to improve Kiwii and make it easier for people to get the most out of their credit cards.