This Will Change The Way You Shop For Black Friday

Although Black Friday isn’t an official national holiday, it is certainly how many Americans choose to kickstart the Christmas season. In years past, Black Friday has been associated with camping out in front of store windows, spending hours in line for the best deal, and maybe even throwing a few elbows to get every item on your Christmas list. It was a time of frenzied, all-night shopping unlike any other.

Then, 2020 happened.

Every area of our lives was altered with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, including our shopping habits. We adapted to continue to protect ourselves and others, and online shopping exploded. According to Digital Commerce 360, e-commerce in the U.S. saw an estimated $105 billion increase with COVID-19, and for the first time ever, Black Friday became an online shopping holiday. Many experts believe this rise in online shopping is here to stay, and stores have begun to adapt to take full advantage of this change.

Black Friday has become an online shopping holiday with stores and credit card companies offering online-exclusive incentives and deals.

Stores have begun to embrace this drastic shift away from hordes of sleep-deprived, Christmas-crazed shoppers knocking down their doors, and we can certainly imagine why! This year, instead of encouraging customers to return to shopping in-person, many stores have fully embraced an online Black Friday with some even offering online Black Friday deals all November long. Some credit card issuers and airlines are getting in on the excitement too by offering additional rewards and bonus points during the holiday weekend.

This Black Friday, instead of braving the cold to wait in line for hours, break out the bunny slippers instead and check off everyone on your Christmas list from the comfort of your couch. As you do your holiday shopping online, though, make sure you are getting the most out of your credit card rewards with Kiwii.

Get the most out of your online shopping with Kiwii.
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How does it work?

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Get the most out of your Black Friday shopping this year with Kiwii!

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This article was written by Chloe Allen in association with Nouvel Age Media.